Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More plywood


                      Dad made these from birchply using its natural bend in held in hoops or slots.

Here's some work he made in the 80's

These stools\ tables are great . He made lots of them and we have some at home they have lasted well              and are older than me.

chairs made from cutting a bath in half

                                      He found this bath almost new on a skip in the road,
                                      cut it in half and made a frame in douglas fir wood.
                                      The bottom of the back leg is curved so you can rock away.
                                      It makes a great outdoor seat. Thats my sister on our roof.


 Going through my dads portfolio I found he has made a great collection of benches. For memorials, reception areas and houses.

             This was made for a large reception area. Its about 5m long made of birchplywood.
                                                           you can sit either side

Guitar stand

My dad has made a lovely guitar stand, in cherry wood. He used a brush as a plectrum holder. After making a cello stand he realised there were lack of elegant instrument stands. And hopefully this is the start of many more. 

See the brush!

Made with cork on the base.