Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cello Music Stand

stained glass sculptures

My dad not only designs furniture.
He worked with a client who turned into a great friend
John Patsalides
John asked my dad to come up with ideas for sculptures to hold his panels
so these are some of the results.
John very sadly passed away last year.

This is work from an exhibition held in a former church / gallery
in hartlepool

These were glass panels glued together and held in frames.
My dad worked with Abi Abdulahawabi at ucl bartlett workshop
making many of these sculptures
This mad clock was made for the Gloucester  hotel in London

This one is 12 meters high and is made from two Lampposts joined together.
with clamps holding the glass fixed to the posts.

Multi purpose bedroom Storage/Cupboards

Here are cupboards my dad designed and made for a neighbour of ours.
They had trouble with moths and also wanted to store not just clothes,
so he came up with a neat idea of making sliding doors which also are
shallow storage cupboards for an ironing board and fold down drying racks.
The moths were dealt with by using cedar of lebanon as the wood inside the cupboard
the doors are made of american black walnut to match the floor

photographs by Tom James